About The Characters

Timothy Locke

Our hero goes by Locke, sometimes by Timothy, but never “Tim,” and certainly not “Timmy.”  He will not necessarily correct you if you try to assign him a nick name, but he will think less of you for it.
Despite being raised on Bernadette, at the heart of the Core Planets, Locke fought for independence in the war.  He believes that people should be able to govern themselves.  During the battle of Serenity Valley, he was a prisoner in an Alliance hospital, where his left arm was being re-grown.  He was in a recovery room when he found out that the Independents had lost.  He was the only person there not celebrating.
His new left arm has slightly less sensation than it should, but is otherwise the same as any other arm.  He literally lost a piece of himself in the war, and had it replaced by the Alliance.
He had never been much for feelings, but after the war, he became even more closed off.  He is not bitter like Malcolm Reynolds - he has just decided to shut off the painful parts.  He keeps his Browncoat uniform in the closet, but never wears it.
After the war, he was offered a job as a bounty hunter by the Zangh-Pei corporation.  Quite often he is asked to do things that he wishes he wouldn’t have to, and he has serious concerns about the people running the company, but sometimes his job allows him to make a difference, and help people out.  
Locke is very good at analyzing a situation and determining the best strategy.  He is partnered with Redford Gale, and is able to balance Gale’s ambition and excitement with his own logic.  
He will play chess, but otherwise feels that games are for children.  Not that he would ever admit to being one of those children at any point in his life.  
He owns the small hot-rod type ship that he uses for hunting bounties, named Freedom.  He is a better-than-average pilot, but not as good as his partner.  

Redford Gale

Gale acts like he’s military, but he has never actually been part of any military group.  In reality, they would order him around too much, and he would never go for that.
He doesn’t always act like it, but he is a very well educated individual.  He grew up on Sihnon, where he was able to go to school because of his athletic skills.  
Gale speaks Chinese a lot.
He loves guns almost as much as he loves flying.  Anything to get his adrenaline pumping.  Money means very little to him, mostly because he’s never been short on it.  He is a bounty hunter because he loves the hunt.
Gale is often impulsive, and is usually reigned in just a little by his partner.  Gale is in many ways more skilled than Locke, but does not always see the big picture.

Ava Kenshin

Ava is the daughter of Norman and Jade Kenshin.  Jade Kenshin died when Ava was only 4, and Ava has no real memories of her.  She was raised mostly by the house help, and her father always seemed to feel that buying toys or gadgets for her would show her the love she was after.
Ava rebelled a bit during her teenage years, but it was never quite enough to get the attention she craved from her father.  He always just bailed her out and moved on.
When Ava began rebelling directly against her father, she had initially only hoped to get his attention, but began to discover things about him that she could not ignore.  Soon she was fighting against her father and his business.