Isn't this a Firefly fan film?

We started this project intending to create a Firefly fan film. All of the characters and the story were entirely original from the beginning. In order to ensure that we are completely legal, we have made the difficult decision to remove our story from Joss Whedon's Firefly 'verse.

How close to Firefly is it then?

Just like Firefly, this story is about people. They aren't involved in any kind of intergalactic war, and they're not trying to save the galaxy. They're just trying to get by. Our hero does save the day in the end, but he'll never be famous for it.

The multi-cultural themes present in Firefly, Blade Runner, Star Wars, and even Cowboy Bebop will also be present here. Much the way that English and Spanish coexist in current American culture, English and Chinese will coexist in Freedom. There will probably be a little less Chinese swear words than Firefly though.

But I thought there wasn't a Chinese word for Freedom?

There's a great explanation at Ask WSP, but the long and short of it is that this was a way for someone to make money, and it worked.  For a while.  But it's not true.

When will we be able to watch it? And where?

We will give the entire series away for free on the internet through sites like youtube and Vimeo. There will also be a DVD available with bonus features not available online. It should be available in mid to late 2011.