Monday, November 1, 2010

Casting Call

Illusionext is looking for actors for the upcoming sci-fi fan series “Freedom: The Series,” based on Joss Whedon’s “Firefly,” and “Serenity.” It will be filmed in Utah in early 2011. The project is entirely volunteer and unpaid, all though snacks and meals will be provided. Dates will be determined by actor and location availability.

If you are interested in any of the parts, please e-mail with a recent headshot and resume. Please also note if you have costumes and/or props to go with your character. If any of your work is available online, please include links.

Potential candidates will be asked to come for a screen test.

TIMOTHY LOCKE (Late 20’s to early 30’s) Former Browncoat turned bounty hunter. He is very analytical, quiet, and calculated. He is partnered with Redford Gale. Experience with weapons and hand to hand combat a plus.

REDFORD GALE (Late 20’s to early 30’s) Gung-ho bounty hunter and pilot. Well schooled and very skillful, but doesn’t always stop to think about the situation. Experience with weapons and hand to hand combat a plus.

AVA KENSHIN (20’s) Daughter of a rich magistrate. She started out rebelling against her father just for attention, but realizes that there is a chance to make a real difference. (This character will be played by Mysti Sadler.)

NORMAN KENSHIN (40+) Magistrate that makes money from a number of shady business ventures, including slave trading.

ANDREW DRAKON (25+) An employee of Norman Kenshin that runs the slave house by whatever means are required, legal or not.

LEANNE (18 to 24) A slave girl that doesn’t remember where she comes from.

ANNABEL CHENG (30+) Headmistress of the slave house. Cares for the girls, even in a bad situation.


ALLIANCE OFFICER (25+) Seen on video screen. This could potentially be filmed out of state.

SLAVE GIRLS (Any ages) Need at least 5 girls. Most are non-speaking roles.

SLAVE MEN (Any ages) Need at least 3. Most are non-speaking roles.

NURSE (17+)


HENCHMEN (18+) Need at least 4. Experience with weapons and hand to hand combat a plus. Most are non-speaking roles.


We also need multiple extras in various costumes for a promenade scene.

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