Thursday, December 9, 2010

Changes to Freedom The Series

The last day or so has brought some difficult changes to Freedom. We have decided not to base the story in the Firefly 'verse. While we would love to play in the 'verse that Joss Whedon has created, Fox owns the rights to it, and they could at any point come in and tell us that we aren't allowed to use their intellectual property. The people helping us to create the show, as well as the viewers, deserve to have a well made, completed project, and in order to do that, we have decided to make this an entirely original series. The story and characters were always original, so this will require very little rewrite. There will be several nods to popular science fiction, especially Firefly.

Auditions will still be held this Saturday, and filming will start in the next couple months. Overall, the project plan will change very little. Our hero just won't be wearing a brown coat, and the characters won't randomly break into Chinese.

Music and artwork inspired by Firefly is still welcome in the show. These artists have always impressed me, and we would be proud to feature their work.

We still plan to give the show away for free on the internet when it is completed, but this will allow us to also sell dvds and merchandise related to the show. This does mean a little more paperwork, but it will enable the show to go on much longer.

The Browncoat community deserves more Firefly, and we will continue to support it in any way we can. We may even revisit the idea of making Firefly fan films in the future. We will also keep supporting the multiple charities that have benefited from the fandom. We know that the community will continue to support a web series created by Browncoats who love science fiction in all forms.

Michael J. Welch
Freedom The Series

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  1. As long as there are still spaceships, gunfights, horses, and cowboys I think Freedom with be a great show.